About us? Hmm… Let’s talk about you!

You live in beautiful and beloved Switzerland, work or study, ski in winter and enjoy cheese fondue, in summer you lose the endless peaks of the Alps with a bar of chocolate smell. Meet your colleagues at an afterwork beer weekend and celebrate another birthday or holiday with friends. It would seem how great it is, but…

…no matter how interesting and rich our lives may be, there comes a moment when melancholy awakens in our hearts and insistently demands attention. Everyone has a recipe for how to overcome such splines. We would like to introduce you to our own special ?

We, a group of enthusiasts, have been living and working in Switzerland for many years. We love cheerful companies, good music and heartfelt communication. And we are happy to share all this with you!

Cozy hall, warm and sincere atmosphere, tasty drinks, legendary Russian rock, interesting people and pleasant conversations. And, of course, a pinch of nostalgia is an unforgettable atmosphere imbued with the same music.