Tribute to Zemfira in Switzerland

“Ты совсем как во сне,
Совсем как в альбомах,
Где я рисовала тебя гуашью…”

There comes a moment in the life of each person when the word “nostalgia” turns into something imposed on the teeth. A kind of marker of bad tone and a bridge, leading to the troubled land of age sorrow. And this makes sense. Such a deep and reverent concept as “nostalgia” has long been drained by the flyer of sadness and longing for something distant and ephemeral. With the obligatory attribute in the form of the mantra muttering of the mantra “it used to be better”.

But according to the established tradition our Kvartirnik will bring you back to the past, giving you an opportunity to remember and experience those distant and almost forgotten feelings. After all, nostalgia is not about what was better before, it is about feelings and thoughts. It is about the times when the unsteady youthful experiences are so bright and delightful that parting with them seemed hopeless. And the first love suddenly confronted us with a cruel monolith of reality. When it seemed that mental suffering is so all-encompassing and unbearable, when the feeling in the heart felt no way out. And only a favorite cassette player could be a joy to talk with us through headphones with the music of our idols.

And undoubtedly Zemfira was and remains the most touching and exciting voice of those times. Unique and original vocals, a sincere emotional outburst in lyrics, beyond the limits of the manner of performance. It did not become a symbol of the era, but definitely became a healing elixir of broken hearts and a beacon for hundreds of thousands of teenagers.

It’s so nice to feel the goosebumps on your back today when chords from the past penetrate your soul. Look back and remember those feelings and torments that seemed fundamental. And to realize that they are overcome. And also to ask yourself a question. The main question is: are we able to feel with the same sincerity as then? No question will go unanswered, no one will leave without experiencing sweet nostalgia. After all, the conductor in this wonderful journey will be a female band MamaEva.

Valeria Mamaeva and Daria Egorycheva will recreate the youthful drive and discouraging melancholy of Zemfira’s best songs with their incredible acoustic program. Expression and originality of Russian rock star hits in symbiosis with amazing vocals will create new legends of city indie within our Kvartirnik.

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