The simplicity and sincerity with which Victor Tsoi sang these lyrics, left no one indifferent. His songs embody the whole epoch, becoming for many a symbol of change and new hopes. And sometimes you want to hear the same voice again, the same guitar overkill, to feel the same expectations of change.

Let the nerds talk about the impossibility of returning to the past, but we invented our own time machine! On a delightful evening in May we will be set to the times of sincere and uncompromising rock with the songs of Victor Tsoi and the band “Kino” performed by Sergey Kuzmenko and Sergey Feskin.


Sergey Kuzmenko is the man who solved the riddle of Victor Tsoi’s timbre. A native of Kiev, in 2000 Serge founded the group “Z-Exit”, which to this day sometimes performs cover versions of the iconic Victor Tsoi.

After a while, the tribute to the great musician grew into a desire to write his own songs in a similar style – this is how the album “Dreams of Personal” was born, filled with romanticism of the 70s and 80s, bringing back memories of the early “Pink Floyd”. The album, which has been released online, has gained recognition among the connoisseurs of Russian rock.

Sergey’s talent becomes closely associated with music, and in 2010 he takes part in the Russian TV-Project “Big Difference”,, and in 2012 – in the musical comedy “Shapito Show”, where he plays a memorable role of the Roma – the legend.

Today Sergey Kuzmenko devotes his free time to music. He creates his own songs for which he writes poems and music, creates arrangements of Victor Tsoi’s songs, which he sings during his cozy chamber concerts. His performance of such iconic works as “My Mood” and “Star named Sun” with the forth verse does not leave indifferent and makes us look at the songs of our youth in a new way.


Sergey Feskin was born and lives in Bryansk. Sergey is not just a musician, but a poet, composer and recently a producer at BeatRecords Production. Sergey Feskin became interested in music when he was 13 years old. She still accompanies him through life. Sergey’s musical journey began, as did many of the guys at the time, with songs by Victor Tsoi and the band ‘Kino’. It is this fact that became a key factor in Feskin’s and Kuzmenko’s acquaintance, whose musical tandem you will see and hear in Switzerland in the end of May.

Sergey Feskin played in many bands in his native Bryansk, took part in federal competitions and took honorary places. Since 2017, he has been running a channel on YouTube, where he publishes minuscule songs by popular Russian rock singers recorded in his own studio. The channel’s popularity allowed attracting musicians from all over the world to work together and record exclusive arrangements. Thus, on an ordinary weekday, Sergei Kuzmenko and Sergei Feskin began their friendship and cooperation, stretching from Bryansk to Boston. After all, music brings together and erases all boundaries.

If you want to open the door in Zurich and find yourself on the improvised St. Petersburg kitchen, filled with exciting sounds of guitar, the only way is to the concert Sergey Kuzmenko and Sergey Feskin.