Six months of painstaking preparation, and the two days of concerts flew by as one moment! Our Kino-Tribute is already in history! And in this post we want to share our impressions with you 🙂

Zurich, it was awesome!

Tickets for the concert on May 24th in Zurich were sold out long before the event. There were a lot more people willing to join, but unfortunately not all of us finally got a chance. Many people showed up without tickets thus hat to wait at the entrance, asking for an “extra ticket”.

We even caught two stowaway guys sneaking in through the balcony from the concert hall to the courtyard. Well, we had to make them buy a ticket 😉 So, we have everything ready, all the guests are there, doors are closed, the lights go out and… we begin!

It’s normal to warm up the audience at concerts, but our guests dived in from the first chords. The musicians started their performance with the “Eighth-grader” – and the guests immediately picked up “ooh ooh, eighth-grader aah! The first part was played on one breath! It was surprisingly hot for such a rainy Zurich in May – as if musicians have brought us the sun and the summer heat, finally! The windows are wiped, the door to the balcony is wide open, the whole hall is singing “Sadness”, “Mama-Anarchy”, “We saw the Night”! The energy is going off the scale! A flurry of applause… The intermission.

A real surprise behind the bar was prepared for all the guests during the break – special cocktails, developed for the Kino-Tribute! “When your girlfriend is sick,” “There’s time but no money,” “Blood type” and many others! And of course – how could we do without portwine, poured into old-fashioned glasses. This whole entourage created an indescribable atmosphere of the evening!

The second part of the concert started with “When your girlfriend’s sick”. The musicians chatted very warmly with the audience and even fulfilled some of their musical wishes. Likewise, there was a couple who met many years ago to the song “My Baby”, and this composition has become “their song” for many years. Kuzmenko and Feskin were called up for encores several times! And the audience didn’t want to let them go! It was amazing how the guys were welcomed and that the concert was so successful!

But nevertheless – time to say goodbye and to refill the batteries for the next day concert in Lausanne. However, not the case for the guests which seemed not to be wanting to leave. And even without musicians, songs, dances and intimate conversations on the terrace lasted until two in the morning. While the organizers cleaned up the room and removed the equipment, the guests felt like at home and enjoyed the wonderful company that gathered at our Kino-Concert.

Yury about the concert in Zurich:

it wasn’t just a concert, it was a transcendental dive into another era. Thanks to the performers and organizers.

Lausanne, it was very soulful!

The concert in Lausanne on May 25th promised to be a chamber concert, because not all the tickets were sold, and we even at some point began to get upset about it, having decided that we would not be able to repeat the Zurich success. But as it turned out, we were sad for nothing! It actually took place in cozy home conditions, in a relaxed atmosphere, erasing the boundaries between musicians and spectators – a real tribute-like concert in a small group 🙂

Guests sang, danced, and talked to each other and with musicians. And the conversations behind the bar were so interesting and fascinating that only the hits of Kino could interrupt them for a while.

And then there were contests, gifts and exciting chats. The guests did not want to leave at all! But even when everybody left, and we (tired, but happy) were collecting the equipment and decorations from the walls, one guy suddenly returned in 1.5 hours after the concert to stay with us a little longer! Sure – as it feels so cool with us!

Ilya about the concert in Lausanne:

Guys, thank you! I had a great pleasure from the concert in Lausanne. I really liked the format of the event – it was really a house-concert :)))))))

Thanks to our team of real wizards, thanks to whom this holiday happened in our lives! You guys are the best!

The text is prepared by Nadia. Photos made of Alexey and Ilya.

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