Our favorite songs from old Russian Soviet Movies

A storm of such magical notes awaits for you in the program of our next Kvarirnik. After all, all of the songs are familiar to us all. The true masterpieces of that grey epoch we will talk about will be performed by the trio called NO COMMENTS: Sergey Rozhkov (keyboard, vocals), Daria Mineyeva (vocal) and Alexander Kapitonov (percussion, rhythm band).

We are the ones who will be lucky to enjoy the immortal motifs milled with the strokes of virtuosos. We will have to get rid of the habit of hearing the charismatic voice of Yuri Nikulin in the adaptation of the playful “Song about hares” by Leonid Derbenev and Alexander Zatsepin. To ask the rhetorical question “Where does the childhood go?” from the same authors. Listen to the amazing chords of the brilliant composer Evgeny Krylatov. To return to happy times, listening to the song “About the Red Riding Hood” written by Yulia Mikhailov and Alexei Rybnikov.

Your heart will tremble with the masterpiece motif “Somewhere Away” – the top of the duet of Robert Christmas and Mikael Tareverdiev. Sadness will surely wrap you in the piercing performance of “There’s Only One Moment…” by the maestros Derbenev and Zachepin. And if a tear doesn’t moisten your eyes under “Beautiful Far away” by Eugene Krylatov and Yuri Entin – you just don’t have a heart.

A true passion for music, a lifelong passion. Amazing songs from cult Soviet films. Live sound in the chamber frame of the legendary coziness of our tenants. It may sound presumptuous, but the evening will be just unforgettable.