We will not even bother you with your complaints about the obnoxious year 2020, which has brought us so much unexpected troubles. You can easily see all this by turning on the TV or opening social networking news feeds. Today – it’s all an upside down page!

We are all moving away from sleep and the tension of recent events. We are celebrating spring, which, unexpectedly, came in autumn! And no one will argue that such an occasion is worthy of something incredible, crazy and original. A refreshing glass of playful champagne after a hot and tiresome summer day. These are the recipes we have prepared our next, fifth Kvartirnik!

The usual things are good in that they give us the expected joy. But what if we look at them from a different angle? The real rock from Blokada band has the answer to this question. Exploding, sparkling songs from the very beginning will load you into a forgotten trance of a cozy rock concert. Covers to famous hits like War is over (Ode to John Lennonne) and Sonnenzeit will fill us with exciting energy, and the blues motifs in the native classics of works by Kalinov Most, Chaif and Vladimir Kuzmin will allow you to feel the gentle impulses of spring, which suddenly came in October.

And this is very important, because with Leo Schenk & Co coming on stage in the second half of our flat it will be very easy to forget about everything. An unbelievable and shocking combination of musical instruments will blow your mind with a unique energy. Juggling styles and a unique look at famous works are the natural result of Leo Schenk & Co.’s creative path.

Having started his musical career in a band playing Irish folk, Leonid, the leader of Leo Schenk & Co, did not stop on the path of expanding his range. Punk, folk, reggae, country, rock – no secrets in sound for him. And balalaikas, harmonica and banjo bring that rare element of surprise that will stay with you forever.

A warm-up performance by Russian rock legends and the sacral Kamchatka Club in St. Petersburg, permanent participation in rock festivals – Leo Schenk & Co’s impressive milestones have forged an original sound and unique approach to the material. And the anticipation is hard to overestimate when you wait to hear covers and unique songs passed by the masters through these filters.

You will definitely want to add a couple of author’s songs to your playlist, and rethinking the classics will bring you the pleasure of a completely unexpected character. And only one question remains open. What will excite you more: the crazy “Swords of Glasses on the Table” or the broken “Whisky in the Jar” to the harmonica?

Problems are an inevitable part of our lives. But they will go away. How the cold goes away after winter, when spring comes. And bringing spring closer, at least in our hearts, is a task that we will gladly carry out.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.