If the following words make you hear rattling guitar riffs with Yury Khoy’s daring voice overlaid, then you are at the right place. For us, the Sektor Gaza is the voice of the age. The voice of openness, being never afraid of depreciated vocabulary and naming things the way they are. The voice coming from the stinking Voronezh region, which gave its name to the band – Sektor Gaza. The incomparable Yuri Klinskikh, who entered the history of Russian music under the pseudonym of Khoy.

“Я ядреный как кабан,
Я имею свой баян.
Я на нём панк-рок пистоню
Не найти во мне изъян!
Первый парень на весь край…”

His music was close and understandable to everyone for their own reasons. Many people being ordinary factory workers who were excited by the possibility of using swearing in songs or music lovers who could appreciate quotations from popular hits of the foreign scene of those years.

We invite you to recall those minutes spent with an old cassette player, those attempts to imitate the bold timbre of Khoy in a karaoke bar, to recall the feelings when, hiding from your parents cherished recording, you secretly listened to forbidden but alluring music.

For the first time in Switzerland, Maxim Korobov (on the photo at the right hand-side), the leader, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, and Sergey Zotov, the leader guitarist, will play two acoustic concerts: September 20 in Geneva and September 21 in Zurich.

“Black Tuesday” is a participant of the largest Russian rock festival “Nashestvie”, bike festivals “Moto-Maloyaroslavets” “Moto-XЗ”, as well as all festivals in memory of Yuri Khoy. The band members personally know the family of Yury Khoy Klinskikh, his former colleagues in the band and with some of them even give joint concerts.

“Я носил в ушах кресты, «металлистом» был тогда…”

How did it all start? Being still a teenager in the mid-90s, Maxim finds his parents’ cassette with the album “Kashchei the Immortal”. At the same time Sergey also penetrates into the music of the Sektor thanks to the progressive manners of his melomaniac father, who did not limit his son’s knowledge of the world through any music.

Yuri Khoy’s touching lyrical passages, shooting at the heart by the simplicity of his lyrics could not but found a response in the hearts of young guys seeking to connect their lives with music. Since 2012 Maxim and Sergey have been gathering at Maxim’s house, experimenting in guitar playing. A little later they bought an electronic guitar set.

At this stage, the musicians are faced with a choice forced by their neighbors: to stop noisy rehearsals or to continue to improve elsewhere. For this purpose, Maxim and Sergey organize a rehearsal base in Dmitry Rybakov’s “bunker”, who later became a drummer of “Black Tuesday”. Later, Alexander Korenkov, a bass player, joined the musicians.

The proximity of the incomparable “fusion” of Yury Khoy to the hearts of musicians could not remain in the tight walls of the “bunker”. And in 2013, musicians give their first concert in a rock bar in Ivanovo, performing with a cover program for songs by Alice, DDT, KINO, Agata Christie and other rock bands. As they perform, their listeners insist on the fact that the guys’ covers of the Sektor Gaza are more precise than of the other bands. Guys not just copy Khoy’s manners and timbre, but let the material through themselves, they live it. This is how the tribute to “Sektor Gaza” is born.

That performance became the starting point of a long and exciting journey, which included many events, the key of which the team members highlight the acquaintance with the family of Yury Khoy Klinskikh. The tours Sektor’s Tribute becomes a resounding success and, logically, reaches its peak on the stage of the largest rock festival “Nashestvie 2018”.

Fame and recognition are not a reason to relax, but to push for new ambitions. Now “Black Tuesday” gives ten to twelve concerts a month. And the question of who is the best heir to the legendary Sektor is no longer there.

“Эй, залётка, выходи послушать рок…”

What’s the secret of the popularity of the “Black Tuesday” band? Perhaps you should not even try to answer this question. After all, you will find the answer by coming to their concert.

That dense wave of nostalgia and longing for something elusive, from the past, will touch the most intimate strings of your heart. And it doesn’t matter what kind of music will be played on stage – whether it’s the swollen “Kolhoznyy punk” or the philosophical and contemplative “Life”. And those minutes when you sang “Lyric” in the smoky kitchen of the student dormitory under the upset old guitar will appear to you in the smallest details. After all, Maxim and Sergey will give an acoustic concert, and the warm sound of a guitar automatically raises the degree of atmosphere to the highest.

Sektor Gaza is not just music, poetry and vocals. These are the revived pages of our past which was not always the worst.